last updated: 06/29/2014
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Please note, when filing / uploading a document into the ECF system:   When a user files a document that is both: a) a restricted document and b) has a non-ASCII special character (character other than a letter or a number) in the document name, the Electronic Case Filing program can lock up.

Non-restricted documents containing non-ASCII characters do not have this problem.
Electronic Case Filing System ** ( live database ) arrow image ** Filers must use their Seventh Circuit CM/ECF login
REMINDER: The attorney of record must be on the docket in order to submit anything in the case.
CM/ECF Document Filing System
CM/ECF Document Filing System:   Apple MAC User link   

•  If you are running Snow Leopard (OS X 10.6, available since August 2009), you can use the CM/ECF Document Filing System link for any Appellate CM/ECF court where you have filing privileges.

•  If you are running Leopard (OS X 10.5, the previous OS), you are advised to use this Mac-only link to file in CM/ECF.
ECF Brief Submission FAQs  
CM / ECF Case Filing System Training      (requires Adobe Flash Player)
How to Submit a Brief  (video tutorial)    (Closed Captioned)   closed captioned  
Other ECF tutorials
PACER Link for Case Information       [must use PACER login]
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